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  • Critics : 81%

Genres - Role Playing, Strategy, Role-Playing

What the Critics say...

It successfully scratches the MMORPG itch of party-based combat while being a completely pick up and play game single player game.... - read full review - TouchArcade

Battleheart is the epitome of casual gaming on the App Store. It goes alongside Fruit Ninja, Flight Control, and Canabalt as one of the best casual games I have ever played.... - read full review - No DPad

And though battle entails a string of familiar bad guys coming at your party, as it always does, the game's intuitive touch controls and smart auto-command system make Battleheart an engrossing, frantic strategy title.... - read full review - The Onion (A.V. Club)

Battleheart is a brilliant production that you shouldn't miss: surprisingly deep, Battleheart will catch you with its terrific graphics and simple gameplay, granting hours of fun. Tons of items and great personalization features will keep you on your iPhone for quite some time.... - read full review - SpazioGames

Battleheart delivers an excellent mix of immediacy and depth, thanks to a good number of levels and an engaging gameplay. The game requires some effort to overcome the latest battles: you must manage upgrades, equipment and characters in order to complete all the challenges. The graphics are really cute and stylish. Don't miss it!... - read full review -

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